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Default Re: Land cruise assistance: Cancun to Cozumel without flight

And here's pamda!

(Thanks for the vote of confidence, Divetex!)

I really want to see that car, Kym !!! The pontoon model?

We haven't flown from Cancun to Coz in a few years, but I remember the flight being something like $27. It has probably gone up. But NO WAY should it be $200/person for 15 minutes flying close to the water in a Fokker.

I believe that the "airline" is AeroCozumel, an affiliate of Mexicana.

$400 is almost beyond belief. Who gave you that information?

A taxi from the airport at The Cun to Playa del Carmen is about $60. The ferry is $8 per person and takes about 45 minutes from Playa to Coz. It drops you right off in front of Divetex's favorite restaurant and margarita stop, Las Palmeras. (I prefer the 'ritas at Plaza Leza.)

There are also busses that I assume are a lot cheaper than a taxi. It might be most cost-effective and pleasant to rent a car at the airport and return it in Playa if you can set that up.

But check around on those airfares. That number is insane. I can fly from here (Philadelphia) to Cancun for less than that if I want to use connecting flights.

Let me know if I can help more. I've been hanging around in those parts for 15 or so years now on a somewhat regular basis.

p.s. I'm originally from Iowa !!!

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