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We just got back from our first cruise. We found all of the waitstaff to be wonderful. One night I wasn't able to go down to dinner because I was sick. I wouldn't dream of not tipping our waiter the night we chose not to go down. These guys make practically nothing and are from countries where their families make practically nothing. They depend on these tips for their livelihood. They have 7 month contracts and work very long hours each day. They put up with unreasonable demands from crazy cruise passengers who think these guys are their personal slaves for the week. And I'm sure that there are unfortunately people who stiff them on their tips each week. So before you think about withholding part of their tips, think about this. Would you want to do their job for a week for $40-$50 dollars? I saw into some of the cabins these guys had to clean. Total pig pens. Would you want to hear complaints from picky people all week about their meat being over or under-cooked? Or listen to people saying bring me this or that, and never once saying please? They do it, day in and day out, smiling and maintaining a pleasant disposition the whole time. Believe me from some of things I saw, these guys totally deserve their tips. The whole tip!
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