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Default Re: Future Ship Names

you neglected:

HAL: grandcouleedam
threegorgesdam (the newest and largest of the HAL fleet, which is a joint venture with People's Republic of China. it will most likely sail only the yangze river

Princess: Jewish American Princess

Celebrity will buy one of renaissance "R" class ships and one of the Renaissance class boats, naming them "Centennial" and "Decade" respectively (each a smaller version of the "Millenium").
the other news from celebrity HQ is the newly planned follow-up to "Infinity" to be christened "Beyond."

Disney buys the other "renaissance" class boat and 148 lucky parents and their children sail on the "Mini Mouse" (apologies to minnie)

RCI builds the first mega-submarines, carrying 3000 people, sister ships "Under the Seas" and "Stealth of the Seas."

And finally, the boat every male lusts after, NCL's new "Norwegian Volleyball Team."

no nostradamus, just tim
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