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Default More on NCL Star rescue/ dog

Taken from a message I received

And finally, nearly three weeks ago, the captain of the Norwegian Star sighted a crippled tankerfloating without power in the South Pacific. A fire had killed one of the tanker's crew, injured others, and left the ship without radio communication and in danger of sinking. At considerable expense and inconvenience to the Star's Hawaii cruise passengers, the captain diverted the cruise ship to rescue the stranded crew. In the haste and confusion, the tanker captain's dog, Forgea, was left behind.

Upon hearing the news, the Hawaii Humane Society mounted a $50,000 rescue operation to locate the tanker and rescue the dog, but rescue boats returning to the scene found no trace of the tanker, which was presumed sunk.

This past weekend, a US Coast Guard plane spotted the tanker again, now adrift 400 miles from Kauai, and were amazed to see Forgea scurrying across the top deck. They flew low over the shipand dropped their bag lunches onto the deck, presumably the dog's first food in 19 days, and alerted ships in the area to the tanker's position. Within hours, the crew of a fishing boat boarded the tanker and rescued Forgea, now renamed the "Miracle Mutt". MM is enroute to a hero's welcome in Honolulu.

Ready to Steer towards another cruise

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