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Default Carnival... NEVER AGAIN

My husband and I cruised on the Elation on October 26th to November 2 from Galveston. From the time we set foot on Carnivals property we were HIGHLY disappointed with their so-called company. We were told my numerous friends who had cruised with Carnival before that they were the worst in the cruise line business. However, we booked the cruise because it was going to Belize and we wanted to scuba-dive there since we got certified this past summer. O also might add that we were first-time cruisers and TRUSTED our rep at carnival.....BAD MISTAKE. Our rep Michelle Haraf lied every step of the way including but not LIMITED to our room category and on-board activities. The Elation is the ONLY ship in the fleet that has the Azipod propellers.....instead of pushing the ship through the water it pulls the ship through the water. Well needless to say and OF COURSE....on our way to Belize one of the propellers broke and we were unable to get to Belize, so we had to go back to Cozumel to dock and wait for the ship to be fixed. Understanding that this can and does happen we made the best of a bad situation. Thank GOD we were with a diving group cause we got to dive with the same company as the day before. However, the other 2,000 people on board were not as fortunate. They were stuck with nothing to do in Cozumel cause ALL of the land tours were already booked up. Did Carnival try to help these people........NOOOOOO. I know this because we spoke to many of them and they were very disappointed with this ship and the whole company. Keep in mind that some of these people were veteran cruisers and stated they too would never cruise with Carnival again. If the Elation had made it to Belize and back to Galveston it would have marked its 1 month birthday (4 successful trips). The Elation is new to the Caribbean.....It use to sail from LA to Cabo and other Pacific destinations. This vacation was a DISASTER from the get-go (and not only cause we missed Belize). I could tell you ALL the specifics of what went bad but as you can see this letter might be 10 pages long. If you would like to know the specifics and NOT run into the same problems feel free to email me. Oh yeah BTW the Carnival customer service reps gave us a 10% discount on our next cruise and a $25 credit to sail and sign card on our next cruise. Instead I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and sent them a copy of my complaint along with their 10% discount and $25 credit coupons. Good Luck traveling with Carnival and if you have a good time then you will be minority.

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