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Default Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN

How on God's green earth can you blame Carnival for lies that were made to you by your TA. Also you are wrong about the azipods as most all of the Carnival fleet have them as do most all of the newer ships on all cruise lines. I suppose that you have never had a car or other mechanical device the broke down and had to be repaired.
What Carnival offered you is 100% more than they have to. If you would read your contract you will find if you miss a port of call for any reason whatsoever they can substitute another without compensation and if they can not substitue you are entitled to only $25. Most other lines have this same or like policy. If Carnival were the worst cruise line in the business they would not be the biggest nor most successful line in the business.
If you decide to never sail Carnival again I hope you will be happy with another line but you will find complaints on all the lines.
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