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Default Re: Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN

Okay - I do understand your being upset about your vacation being not as you expected it. I will refrain from echoing the exact sentiments of the other respondents to your complaint thread, but will empart my impression of Carnival:

I have been on 31 cruises now and the majority have been on Carnival Cruise Lines and/or one of the CCL-held companies. On a few of the 31 there have been problems beyond my control and that of the cruise line. There have also been problems as a direct result of the cruise line. The key is KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE and lowering your renumeration expectations. Things go wrong on some cruises - this is to be expected at times (as an exception, not a rule) there are no guarantees. One cruise was stalled and curtailed due to an impending hurricane. We lost 2 days of the 7 day cruise, but made the BEST OF IT (as it wasn't Carnival's fault, but they still gave us a nice little rebooking deal regardless).

Why is it I see you as the 'guy at the airport chewing out the ticket agent for a weather canceled flight'?

Please - do NOT cruise Carnvial anymore, because I do not want that attitude on my cruise... Although the rest of us will simply laugh and make the best of our vacation...

Just my $.02
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