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Not Elated with Elation
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Default Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN

I wonder how many of you who were not on the 10/26/03 Elation out of Galveston that are expounding the virtues of Carnival are actually Carnival employees? This was our first cruise, if I had known that this ship was going to rock and roll, not to mention vibrate the whole time we were out, I would've bought stock in the Dramamine company. If you weren't on this cruise, you could not comment one way or the other if we had a good time or not. It woudn't have been so bad if Carnival had been truthful with us the whole time. This is not the Titanic, because people were lied to on the Titanic and look what happened. This is not a car, if it breaks down you can not just get off !!! We decided to give Carnival a chance, unfortunately it never got better. All we ask for is the truth, and a little compensation.
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