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Default Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN

Please reread my post above. The questions you asked had already been addressed.

a) The lie was the shipped was repaired.

b) We KNOW it was a lie due to the obvious fact that the stabilizers weren't functioning properly, we were cruising at 13 knots (normal cruising speed is around 24), and there were at least 2 incidences that I myself saw of black smoke billowing from the aft lower deck of the ship.

c) They should've given us some restitution - a partial refund or a deep discount on the next Carnival cruise.

d) an "inside contact" in the ship's maintenance to provide us with "scoop" on stockage levels of parts kept in Cozumel and/or the maintenance history and knowledge of the drive systems is not an absolute necessity to know the ship was not repaired as we were led to believe.

I have nothing against Carnival as a whole and heard many good things about the line or we would never have considered taking this cruise to begin with. The point here is you have a certain higher level of expectation when you are on vacation. When you rent a car from the most popular car rental agency in the world, you expect that car to have been maintained, repaired as needed, and be in good running condition. As I said before, the ship wasn't exactly right when we left Galveston and got a lot worse. This was reiterated by MANY veteran cruisers on that trip. This is not meant as war against Carnival or Carnival advocates. I hope to cruise again one day. I just expect honesty and good business practices from such a well-known and popular company. And yes, I am sending a letter to the execs at Carnival via And I'll try to sound more "intelligent" in my message.
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