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Paul Beighley
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Default Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN

As I stated earlier, we received nothing from Carnival but a note under our door stating that we were going to have another day in Cozumel!

We have been on Carnival before, and we booked this cruise only for the two new ports, Progresso and Belize. We have enjoyed all of our 19 cruises, but this was certainly the least fun for many reasons.

Certainly, many of you can defend Carnival, but if you were not on Elation on that cruise, you do not clearly know the details. Food on the lido deck was the worst we have experienced; service on a very crowded ship was poor with the waiters putting two dishes in front of us at the same time; the nightly show in the dining roon detracted from the dessert service; the singers and dancers were great, but the rest of the entertainment was rather poor and there was no headliner act; there is no paperback exchange as on other ships, and the library was only open a few hours in the morning and afternoon; we received the satellite NY Times news sheet only twice during the whole cruise; and the cabin TV had very little to offer other then Carnival ads and stuck day-old printed news.

On other cruises, we received something from the cruise line if a port was missed for ANY reason. If Carnival ever sends us a certificate for 10% off, we will put it on the wall and throw darts at it.

We will go back to cruising on RCI and other lines which have better ship designs, better service and better entertainment. The best Carnival has to offer these days seems to be lots of booze, lots of photographers and comedians giving x rated comedy shows at midnight.

Evertyone is entitled to thjeir opinion, and I have mine!
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