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Default Re: Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN

The way you stated it jedgar was a bit coinfusing. The Elation was the first CCL vessel to be built with the Azipod system and it came out in 1998 if memory serves me correctly. Yes there have been many problems with this system as there are with anything that is new. The newer pods are much better and more reliable. The ship do in fact carry many spare parts for these pods including individual blade for the props. The stabilizers have nothing to do with the pods, period. Ships will roll and pitch a bit more at lower speeds. CCL is not obliged to provide you with anything for missing the port of Belize. They are usually very good ar compensating those that have been inconvienanced. They do not, nor should they try and explain everything to the passengers, very few would understand the technicalities anyway. Nobody here that has responded works for Carnival.

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