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Default Re: Carnival... NEVER AGAIN

I have sailed Princess and Carnival. Last cruise was a Princess cruise. My husband and I choose it because it was going to Venuzala. We had gone through an online travel agant (Orbitz) while we were in line to board the ship, we found out that the Venuzala (not sure of the spelling?) port had been canceled. They also informed us that their TA had informed them and they had a choice to cancel and re-book or get a refund. My husband and I didn't get that choice. Will we book through Orbitz again, no. But we aren't whining to the world about it. We took our loss, and learned. We notified both Princess and Orbitz. Neither seemed to even care let alone offer us any kind of discount. Will I cruise Princess again? Probably, when I am about 65. A lot of people are first timers on this board and are looking for positive things about their wonderful vacation coming up. Come on people, I hear your complaint but one cruise out of how many thousands? Stop scaring people into believing that every cruise Carnival offers is a disaster. Mine was wonderful as was thousands of others. Should Carnival offered more, yes, but they didnt. Live with it, learn from it. Stop raining on other peoples parade.
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