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Default Re: Not a regular poster.. BECOME one NOW!

You´ve just made a big mistake. I like to post and reading your invitation...well, it´s your own fault. Just happened to find this group yesterday and joined in for the chat. Mike, Mary Lou (?), Robo and, alas, yourself, were just one friendly bunch! It was 3am in the morning, meaning I was very tired, but you all kept me awake. That is a good sign! Dh even joined for awhile while we waited for some flood warnings on the radio (nasty weather here).

I would love to join one of you cruises but dh is apprehensive....We have never cruised before and have our first planned for March on the Brilliance next March. Understandable...but from the chat it sounded like you all had so much fun! Will have to continue to bug Mr. Apprehensive. Maybe I can lure him with the idea of unlimited turkey.....that and wearing his red meese flannel jammies in public (providing there is a pyjama party of course!)

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