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Default Do you keep in contact with staff from ships?

We've met many wonderful staff from ships, some of whom I keep in contact with at Christmas and thru email at various times during the year.

We met one of the Assistant Purser's (Susan) on the Crown Princess Trans-Atlantic, she dined every evening with her parents (on-board for the sailing) and the 'Ice Captain' (and no, that is NOT a nickname that KayakGuy has given me) in the dining room. We became friendly with her thru our tablemates who had met her the year before on the Grand Princess in the Mediterranean. We had a great time with them, invited to several special events during the cruise. We've kept in contact with her thru the occasional email and have visited with her when the ship she is on has been in Baltimore or a port close to where we are.

Then on the same cruise we met Will, the Assistant Cruise Director. We always hear from him when he is off ship and call frequently when he is home.

Then there was Sara, whom I met last summer on the Millennium. Heard from her several times during the year. Well, just before leaving for the Summit in May, I had an email from her. She 'heard' thru the grapevine (the Captain's wife from the Mercury) that I was sailing on the Summit, and that she was looking forward to seeing me again and was there anything she could do. Well, I asked her to see if she could get some of us at the same table. It was great sailing with her again and renewing acquaintance. Celebrity has a Class Act with Social Hostess Sara.

Heard last week from Susan, guess where she is going to be in August, yup, you guessed it, on the Star Princess in August and she is planning on dining with us every evening.

Then yesterday, found out that Will was detailed to the Grand Princess, which I'm sailing on over Thanksgiving.

Now, if I only had someone on the Golden in October and the Regal in January that I knew.....
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