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Default Poll: your worst shore excursion

For us it was in Categena. We decided just to take the shopping tour as nothing else was that exciting. The first item was the taxi drivers having fist fights for our business to drive us to town. We finally went back to toward the ship area where cabbies with a permit are allowed and got a driver, at that point another local individual hopped into the cab outside this permitted area and off we went. A feeling that was very uncomfortable. This second individual followed us every where in the shopping area recommended by the cruise lines. Actually it was OK, this individual was there to make sure we were brought back by a permitted cab. At the time we had no idea that is why he followed us. But overall the experience was not to forget. Cartegena gets a bad reputation, but overall it is like any large city, BE ON GUARD!

so what was your worst excursion?

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