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Default Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion

Santo Domingo! We went to town on our own and were appaled by the homeless that were crawling around delapidated buildings. It did not appear safe and I found out firsthand that it isn't. We had some little dude attach himself to us to 'help' us find bargains or whatever and he didn't want to leave period. He kept trying to get us to follow him to differant stores etc and I heard him speak to a confederate about setting us up for a mugging! He was not aware that I speak Spanish. <G> As I still have the old cop in me I had a good time playing with him and allowing him to lead us almost to where the mugging was to occur and then suddenly turn on to another street or double back. This drove him nuts trying to re-establish the setup. <> Really, if I hadn't been able to understand Spanish and know what a set-up for robbery was, we could easily have been robbed or worse there. I am glad that the ships stopped going there. The reason was that every time they were there some passenger was robbed or raped and that is just unacceptable. Too bad as there were some very interesting historical places I would have loved to explore further without playing a cat and mouse game with the local criminals!
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