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Default Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion

I too learned on a deep snorkel trip - 40-60 gfeet of water that without a flotation device you can deffinately have problems - good swimmer or not - I had to get the dive boat to come get me but I tread water for 10 minutes trying to get their attention and was exhausted. My hubby had decided to sit ont he boat and I was stuburn and wanted to try it without a flotation device since all the others were - he told me not too - I HATE when he is always right!!!! Debbie

Worst excursion was in Roatan - done on our own. We went to Anthony Keys resort with another couple and ran into problems right off - we were deffiantely not welcome and left before we were suppose to be picked up by our taxi driver. That taxi driver accosted us on the pier demanded full payment which we had found out from the taxi we did take back to the ship was double the price it should have been. We tried to give him 1/2 what he asked - what he really should have gotten in the first place - but he was screaming and yelling and all so we gave him the full amount - very very bad taste in my mouth for Roatan people. In the shops by the pier they all said this is the best price and then you would find it two stalls down for less. I really did not like the people at all - we only ran across one nice one that was fair in all we met. We will not go back if we can avoid it - too many other places safer and prettier.

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