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Default Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion

Worse one for us was on ....I'm not sure which island....either Tortola or Antigua...anyway we wanted a taxi to Nelson's Dock Yards. We got "Willy" and we negotiated a price. Willy took us towards the Dock Yards but along the way willy stopped at a vendor on the side of the road. I'm sure he was related. We got out , looked and got back in much to the dirty stare from Willy. We knew he was not happy. Ok....we leave the dock yard for a beach. Willy takes us way out to a very secluded beach....stops and demands we pay him now! He says he will return for us. We hesitate and Willy starts to get very mad, making us uneasy. We pay him. Go to the beach and we had fun but all of us had a very uneasy felling that we had seen the last of Willy. Luck for us, another cabbie comes around. We all sat up and said, "got room"? "Sure" he says. We get in. Nicest guy you ever want to meet. All the way back to the port we look for Willy's cab.....10 mile ride....never saw him. Had we not gone with our instincts, we would have missed our boat. Bob
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