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Default Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion

I agree with Carole about St Martin. I was very glad to go back to the ship. We were bugged so much by people trying to get us to go into the stores that I'd finally had enough. They were very rude, so I got rude right back. I stopped in my tracks, put my hands up and notified them all "I just want to get BACK to my SHIP!" They left us alone and let us walk by in peace, but the damage had already been done. They'd been way too rude and pushy for our liking. And the shop owners weren't any better. We were in one of the "recommended" jewelry shops and my husband had noticed a beautiful, but very, very pricey man's opal ring (his birthstone). It was very much out of our price range, but the owner said, "Sure you can afford it! You're rich Americans". Ugh! We, too, won't get off the ship there again!
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