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Default Re: poll: what size table?

My Mark would like us to sit at a table for two, but I had already requested a table for eight (oops). My reasoning is, we're going to be spending most of our daytime hours together just the two of us, eating breakfast and lunch together just the two of us, and sometimes dinner in a specialty restaurant or at the buffet or room service just the two of us. So why not meet some new people for an hour or so a day. That will give us something to talk about when we're alone.

Besides, even though he says he wants a table for two, I know that Mark is really a social person, much more outgoing than I am, and gets grumpy if he doesn't interact with new people. So it's for his own good.

I requested a table for eight because a table for four can be too awkward if you don't get along with the other people. A table for six can be awkward if one couple doesn't show up, and you don't get along with the other. There's usually a good mix of folks at a table for eight. And anything larger just seems like overkill.

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