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Default Re: laundry facilities on Radiance

We were on the Radiance in Alaska...we were advised that the weather would be 70ish in July. It wasn't so we were out of warm, suitable clothing before the middle of the week. We needed a Laundry Excursion! I logged on to AOL and checked the member profiles for the port. I IM'd with a few people who told me about a laundramat about a mile away from the boat. We stuffed our biggest suitcase with our dirty warm clothes, got off the boat, found a taxi and went to wash clothes. In and out in an hour. It was perfect for us!

But. . .that was before September 11. On our cruise last year, it probably would not have been possible to take that suitcase off and back on the boat. But it would be worth an inquiry if you are out of clothes! And it beats $3 to wash a pair of panties!

I love Royal Caribbean - but I think that not providing laundry facilities is a serious oversight. The only other line I have traveled in five cruises is Carnival. The older boat that we were on seemed to have laundry on each floor. (of course on that trip - we didn't need it!!!)

Happy cruisin'

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