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Default Re: POLL- Your BEST cruise experience??

Kuki ...

You're playing with fire on this one.

I'm taking the fifth (which I carefully packed in my checked luggage and hope isn't confiscated).

That said, I think our ultimate cruise experience (so far) was Song of Flower to Viet Nam with three pre-cruise days in Singapore and three post-cruise days in Hong Kong.

Second in line is Marco Polo to New Zealand and Australia with pre- and post-cruise days in Auckland and Sydney..

Then I'll go with Rottie VI trans-Atlantic calling in at the Azores, Portugal, Ibiza, Malaga, and ending up in Barcelona for some post-cruise time. Do you sense a "portie" trend here?

Different people want different things from their cruise vacations. Some just want to experience a ship. Others want the ship to take them somewhere they want to go to see things they want to see.

That's why I'm taking the fifth.

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