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Evelyn Richardson
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Default Re: "Oceana" cruise lines "R" u afraid??

I am very interested in this new line, with the ex-President of Crystal as a partner, maybe this is the answer to the problems that have become obvious at Crystal since he left.

As far as I am concerned, since he left Crystal appears to have multiple personality problems, it cannot make up its mind if it is Crystal, or pseudo-RCCC,pseudo-Princess,or just pseudo-something-for -everyone. It also cannot sort out its left hand from its right hand ,even in the same mailing you can get two totally different sets of information,even the staff do not know which information is correct.!

Certainly the quality of staff at the front desk has gone down, on a recent cruise on Symphony, the drain in my bathroom kept back flowing allowing OTHER PEOPLES WASTE WATER to back flow over my floor. Over a period of two days I made two reports to the front desk, nothing happeneded, on the third time I was told, by the front desk,"it is 10.30, no one is on duty , we will leave a note for the day staff!!!!"
It was only when I pulled on my robe, and went down into the Plaza, and got rather loud and nasty that they finally agreed to "inform the Maint Officer - even though he is off -duty"!!
Even after a so called repair, it still happened yet a fourth time. I have never known Crystal to be so inattentive to a complaint in the past.
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