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Default Back to the target range

Our DC area sniper had begun his escapade before we left for our 10 day Canada/New England cruise on the Brilliance.

We watched CNN in the Schooner Lounge and learned that he killed a woman at our local Home Depot, in whose lot I've parked countless times while buying dimmers, hoses, tools and plants.

We were approaching Portland as he went farther south into Virginia, and we were just docking in Boston this morning when he returned to his original turf in Montgomery County, just 20 minutes from here.

It was an off-putting time in some ways, cruising while all this was going on at home. Occasionally I said that it was the first time I ever took a cruise in self defense.

But now we're home and back in the crosshairs. Our community needs some peace.

The cruise was excellent, despite some bad weather and the failure of the port azipod out of Quebec City, which forced us to slow down and skip a port. Even though technicians from ABB worked on the pod all day yesterday in Portland they still didn't have it fixed by 11pm, when the captain insisted we leave for Boston. He told us this morning that the techs had gotten to work again as soon as we pulled in and that he hoped he'd have full power for the next cruise.

Brilliance is a lovely ship and compares favorably to Celebrity's Millennium class. The two specialty restaurants aboard were very good (and it's finally happened. . .a few cruisers booked the specialties every night). Best of all, The Platters were on the entertainment bill, and were booked for extra shows when we were forced to spend an extra day at sea because of the bad azipod.

Twilight Time. . .Only You. . .Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. . .and on, and on. Herb Reed, the original bass man, is still holding forth with four very talented young heirs to the Platters' songbook. Outstanding!!

Anyway, good to be home, but sorry our town is still facing so much pain and uncertainty.

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