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Default Re: Embarking & Disembarking Foreign Ports

I'm not sure what the point is. You're not entering into a business agreement. You're making a purchase of your own free will. If anyone bothered to ask, I'm sure they'd be supplied with a copy of the "contract" prior to booking. And if they did get it, I'd be surprised if they read it<G>
Not much different than purchasing an airline ticket (other than the price). No one tells you what your rights are, other than perhaps whether it's a restricted or unrestricted fare.

Much of the cruise line's liabilities are outlined in their brochures, but most people don't even read through those thouroughly. They only claim surprise when something happens.

It amazes me at times what perils people expect the perceived deep pockets of the cruise lines to cover. For example... people will pass on insuring their trips, and then expect the cruise line to cover for them if someone gets ill.

These are businesses. They sell you a vacation. Most now give you until 70 days prior to change your mind, at no loss to you. Simply, they want a reasonable amount of time to sell that cabin if you change your mind and cancel. A pretty reasonable approach really!

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