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Default Re: Please turn it off!!!!

Thomas .. I saw your post on gripes while I was playing around to see what happens.

Frankly.. just because a post /thread is old doesn't mean a new response to it has no value. In fact, responding to such a thread may give people who missed that topic a chance to read and respond, or get an answer they were looking for without having to ask the question again.

Is there room for abuse. Sure!! As in any system, trolls who want to will find a way to aggravate the situation.

I had to laugh.. if you read the thread Michelle linked to(on this topic) there's a post by Marc saying if I didn't like it, it wasn't going to happen. Shows how much pull I have..

I do have to say, so far I can't see that it's a huge difference, other than I don't have to do as much scrolling.

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