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Default Re: Re: Triumph Sailing Nov 15/03

Thanks for your reply. I have seen so many raves about this ship and felt as though I was the only one who thought it sucked to the HIGHEST degree! I am working on writing my review right now. Suffice it to say - our hallway on the Lido Deck to our room 9215 smelled like urine... our washroom was the most disgusting place I have seen in a long time... our cabin steward was non existent our cabin not vacuumed once through the duration of the trip accompanied by a flooding shower for two days in a row... the food was bland, covered in sauces (the same sauce) - I heard one lady comment that the desserts tasted like they were dietetic and I would agree... anyhow I have got to run at the moment but will post something more substantial tonight!
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