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Default Wasn't it magic?

Way back in the 70's..I can remember exactly how I felt watching the very 1st episode of
The Love Boat...It was love at first sight....but for me, at that time, unatainable...Boy they had fun on those cruises, and everyones problems were fixed in an hour..What a life...

Well lets fast forward to the late 80's.....Love boat was in reruns ,and every night i went to bed dreaming iv'e been living the dream ever since....Getting a stack of brochures and trying to decide where to go was so much fun, planning always is....And when we got to the ship, and craned our neck up the 10 stories, we were like from Podunk.......Finally we had made it......Looking back, I think that was one of our most expensive cruises..It amazes me where you can go now, and have such a fabulous vacation for such an incredible price....Do you remember how and why you decided to cruise? What it felt like? Share your memories.!.....Its fun to look back, and see how far we have come.......Trip/ Monday Chat host
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