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Default Re: Wasn't it magic?

Hi Trip,

Our first cruise was in 1978. Affordable, not really.
It was on the Song of Norway (RCI), main deck outside and no balconies. Caribbean for 7 days and of course airfare, tips and other items to tack on.

We decided on a completely different life style vacation and how were we going to pay for this cruise.
Well we saved and saved, I cashed in savings bonds to make up the huge difference. It was worth every penny.
We relied on a TA to give us the information and how to go about all the in and outs. He was good. No internet to research, as if we knew what to look for.

It is a memory we will never forget. We still take out the photo album and wonder how we managed to cruise.

Have to admit the "Love Boat" was the inspiration. Boy were those cabins huge on the Love Boat, or it seemed that way. All suites I think .. ROFL

Ready to Steer towards another cruise

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