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Default Re: Wasn't it magic?

I don't know when I first wanted to try cruising, but it was many years before I finally got to do it. I had dreamed about going on a cruise for years after my divorce, but it just wasn't financially possible for me in those early years. You're right, Trip, it was a lot more expensive back then. Finally, however, when I could afford it, I found someone who wanted to go with me, and my cousin and I decided to do it. She lives in Virginia and I live in Arizona, and we don't get to see each other very often, so we decided to take a vacation together, and after considering many options, a cruise seemed like the best bang for our buck. We decided on Carnival, since she was a little hesitant at spending so much money and they were the most inexpensive. All of their 7 night cruises at that time were about the same price, no matter which ship you went on or the itinerary, so we decided to go as far away as possible, once again getting the biggest bang for our buck. At that time the the Fascination was doing a southern Caribbean itinerary out of San Juan, going all the way to Caracas, Venezuela, so off we went! It was love at first sight for me, and every cruise since then has been just as great as the one before. But I have yet to bring home as good a souvenir as I did from that first one, my husband!

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