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Default Re: Wasn't it magic?

1980, I met and married Mrs Kuki, and at the time promised her a cruise for our 10th wedding anniversary (a bribe, to stick with me).
In 1990 she reminded me of my promise... In Dec. 95 I made good on my promise, and we cruised to celebrate our 10th anniversary <G> I found a 5 day cruise on the then Nordic Prince ( in DEEP steerage), so I wouldn't get sick of being stuck on a ship. Turned out I was sick to get off!

In '96 we went on one cruise. In '97 we did our first back to back cruises. In '98 I think we made it up to 3 cruises in the one year. I got it BAD!!!!!!

Then I also got lucky.

Along the way I found the Internet, and researched for information choosing our next trip. I found myself hanging around in cruise chat getting fixes, until I could cruise again.
Then I was hosting the chats so I could deceive myself to think I had a "better reason" to be there, than just getting my fix between cruises<G>

Then CruiseMates opened on the Net, and Anne and Paul (in their infinite wisdom) decided to offer me a "job". A part time job, that enables me to talk about my favorite subject, and to do my favorite What could be better? Not much!!
And to top it off, I get to write about my experiences, and share them with you guys.
I am ONE LUCKY guy, and I know it!! (And now that I've said it publicly I guess Anne and Paul will know why I don't bug them for raises all the time).
I guess, I'm lucky, but not all that bright .

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