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Default Re: Wasn't it magic?

I was dead set against cruises....until I saw a rerun of a Love Boat my surprise, friends of ours expressed interest in going on a cruise. The husband did not want to go and I was not totally sure I wanted to go but the wives were sure they wanted to try it so we booked our first on the Dawn Princess.

We were stunned! The beauty of the ship and how she sailed. The deep navy blue waters of the carribean. The different islands we stopped on. The on-board ship activities. They all served to make the cruise experice the best vacation we have ever taken.

Before we went, I discoved Cruise Mates and asked lots of questions and when we finally boarded, I actually felt like I knew what I was doing...especially in port.

We have had only one other cruise since then as finacial resources have been put on hold due to a wedding this summer of 2003. time clock will be in years
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