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Default Re: Good Friday Morning!!!

Good Morning all, from the target of yet another Clipper. I understand that Calgary gets a lot of revenue from their stampedes but I always thought that referred to cattle. This year, it appears to be air masses.

The other day I was in a small shop. There was a calendar on the wall. The page for January showed a photo of a snow covered field containing a barn. Fringing the field, were trees, a coating of ice on their branches. Under the picture, a caption: "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." It has been many years since I felt such a strong temptation, which I successfully resisted, to deface something. I wanted to add a response: "Get a life, Confucius!"<Psychotic Grin>

For now, I'm living in the future. A week from today, I'll enter the Sunshine State. Before nightfall I'll drive down to the pier to scout the parking situation. It pays to plan the logistics. Don't want to have to do that on berthday.


8 days until Sensation, can't wait for the thrusters' agitation.
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