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Sue Sue
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Default Re: POLL: Tablemates, what makes you run?

Poor Manners would make me run regardless of who was at my table. One cruise we moved due a family with two teens who felt they were the only two people entitled to conversation about skateboarding. My sons who were the same ages didn't want to have anything to do with this. We were moved to a wonderful table and met some new friends who we are still in contact with. Then, one other cruise my DH and I moved as we were put into a booth for 6. At the time I was a lot "rounder" than I am now and still would still today not sit in a booth as I am "top heavy" as well. Which, if you picuture it, does not fit into a booth comfortably. (Is this too much information?????) Anyway, Bad manners, unruly kids and obnoxious conversation would be reasons to bolt.
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