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Evelyn Richardson
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Default Re: POLL: Tablemates, what makes you run?

You may get a laugh out of this story.

My daughter and I were allocated a large table for eight people, six of us (three "couples") were already seated quite happily, when up came two females aged around 60+, they looked at those of us at the table and immediately called to the waiter "tell the Head waiter we want another table, we asked to be seated with single males" They were told that arangements would be made for them to move the following night, which happened, and in their place we got a really nice "honeymoon " couple.

Three days later my daughter saw our ex "table mates" on deck and remarked very sweetly, "I hope that you have a nice table now" She got a really glaring look, and a snarl " We will NEVER cruise with this line again, that idiot put us with six High school boys"!!!!! . Well they did ask for six unattached male and that is what they got.
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