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Default Lost Luggage Saga

Anyone ever had the misfortune of having their luggage lost getting ON the ship?

Checked it at the pier (no option, bag too big for the xray machine to carry on), never showed up on the ship. Ever.

Not much help from Carnival, they gave me $100 credit on S/S card but not much considering what I lost.

Of course I didnt pack right, so ALL my clothes were in the bag, all I had for the entire cruise was a pair of shorts, a t shirt and a swimsuit. You can imagine by the end of the cruise.......

Attempted contact with "Guest Relations" have gotten nowhere, as has an email to the president of Carnival (suggested by someone lesewhare on this board).

Well, I'm out a lot of nice closthes (over $100 worth) and guess This is the last bad experience I'll ever have with Carnival!

Any suggestions for another nice line to try?????

Frustrated and discourged.......

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