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Default Re: POLL- CABINS.. high, low, bow, stern??

Well, there are cruises where we really don't care. Just get us on a ship! However, we are BEYOND EXCITED about our Panama Canal transit coming up in November, because we have an aft balcony for 14 days! We are convinced that we have chosen the best location possible for this odyssey. A full 180 degree plus view of the locks and the canal from our aft balcony. A short sprint up one flight of stairs to the nearest FOOD, BAR and POOL! We have 7 sea days plus the canal transit, and that balcony is going to be our home!

On the other hand, on the Let's Get Lei'd cruise, Honolulu to Vancouver, we didn't use the balcony nearly as much as we had planned. The Hawaii days, when it was warm enough to use the balcony, were so filled with activity that we hardly had time to just sit and use the balcony. The sea days between Hilo and Vancouver were too chilly and windy to sit out there for any length of time!

On the inaugural cruise of the Carnival Pride, we had an inside (large, I might add) and it was perfectly adequate. So I guess, to make a short answer long, we will choose our cabins according to the circumstances.

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