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Default Question About Tendering?

Hi All,

I'll be leaving in a few weeks for the Grand. This will be my first time to the Western Carib and all but one of the ports will require a Tender or "possible tender".
Can anyone explain the procedure for me? I mean, how exactly do you get onto the Tender? Do you walk down a ramp and jump into the small boat? Is it scary?

Reason for asking these silly questions: I am young but suffer from a chronic illness which has taken away a lot of my ability to be confident about being able to balance, jump from one object to another - etc... Sometimes I am very stiff. I don't want to miss any of the ports!

I have this bet with my husband going - 50 bucks is on the line here!

I say that there is a gap between the ramp and tender where you can see the water and getting on the tender can be tricky. HE says that the ramp will go directly onto the tender, eliminating having to jump across the gap. Who wins the money!??

In either case I am sure I will be able to do this. I am sure they have people to assist and they won't let anyone just drop into the ocean! Am I correct?

Thanks All and have a great (ugh as great as a Monday can be) day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day !

I used to wear a button on this day that said Kiss Me! I'm Italian <G> I've got the corned beef and cabbage ready to roll for dinner anyway!


booking soon - 10th anniversary cruise in August....
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