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Default Re: Re: Question About Tendering?

Thanks so much for the explanation. I am sure I will be ok. At home and during flare ups I sometimes am on crutches, a walker or useless! I am not bringing either with me.

Call it evil pride or something - I don't know. If I run into trouble I am sure I can find a cane or 2 somewhere. Maybe decorative with snake heads or something? lol

I know there is going to be a LOT of walking on this ship. The last one wasn't as big. I am praying that my body holds up for the week. I'll be armed with meds just in case. I am taking really good care of myself right now and resting when I can. I found I had to rest on my last cruise - and that was ok!! Rest is good!

Where is your next installment? Did I somehow miss it? It's been the best bedtime reading I can remember- and I fall asleep dreaming about my cruise!

Thanks again



booking soon - 10th anniversary cruise in August....
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