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Default Re: Re: Thanks to the Brits.

Well said Kuki,
As one who is farther left (geographically) than you, I agree. Don't get me going on that Seperation BS. Booing the National Anthem is pretty low, we don't like it when ours has been booed. It's just common courtesy.

Bush or Saddam? that's a no-brainer(well maybe some peaceniks need help with that one). And don't forget the "Rent-a-Protestors" who are at nearly every major event. I have a day-job to attend to so can't and won't join them.

Heard on the news a couple of protestors got smucked by an irrate driver on Burrard St. Guess they were never told not to play in traffic during rush hour! Better than protesting in Iraq...what would have happened then?

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