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Default Re: Thanks to the Brits.

Thanks to Kuki and our 'real' Canadian friends. Like he said, there is Canada and then there is 'French Canada'. Guess which one I never have cared for. <G> As for the Brits that are supporting us, no it isn't just those in Parliment. I have many good friends that are Brits and they are behind us and thier PM Blair. Those that protest are those that get noticed is all. I would also like to toss in our great Aussie friends who have even thrown in thier troops, no mere lipservice from those blokes, they back us with actions! We should support our friends and not those that wish to build themselves up on the blood of our people and our friends like France is wanting to do. They are demanding that the US and UK have no say-so in rebuilding Iraq and the new government there, but they are the ones that should run it! The French government is right at the bottom of my list right now as far as having any respect for them. They disgust me at this point.
When this is over, and it will be very shortly, we will be able to hold up to the world those WMD that they all claimed did not exist and let them see the joy of a free Iraqi people.

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