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Default Re: Thanks to the Brits.

AR- Respectfully, I disagree with your opinion. This post is not directed at you personally, but at the general group of war opposers. I do however have the most respect for you , AR, that even when your country is doing something you feel is wrong, you still respect our military, and support them personally. That means so much to me.

I think the majority of the Brits & most all the US military DO support the war. We would not be doing so well if we did not. A job well done is only done well when those who are doing it support it. Those who oppose the war are simply louder for the simple fact that they did not get what they want. Those who support the war don't feel a need to shout.

But even that aside... with all the people in the world, one will never make EVERYONE happy. In the end, we have to protect ourselves and our friends. We have already spent too many lives, tears, and years gaining and then KEEPING our freedom to let it waste away in the hands of a sick and twisted ruler like Saddam. No matter what people assume or think, in the end there is only the truth. And the truth here is that Saddam has and would use WMD or other illegal weapons to attack the US, and countless other countries along the way, for the only reason being that we are free.

I am reminded of the Sept. 11th attack on the WTC and the Pentagon. I remember and uproar of people just furious that "we" did not see this coming..... why couldn't "we" stop this? "Dam the government for allowing this to happen!", and "They should have stopped this!", and "Why didn't they know this was going to happen?" were just a few of the many statements I heard at that time. Fast forward a few years, when Iraq (Saddam) has sold or given his WMD to various terrorist groups and the US and allies have once again lost thousands and thousands of civilians to terrorist attacks. Fast forward a few years to when Saddam is killing not only his own people, but ours using bioligical weapons, or even chemical weapons. What would you have said? Would you place blame on the government? ??

I'll tell you what my reaction would be... I would play back all the warnings by the Bush admin. and then I would play back all the protests and anti-war demonstations.
You want the government to protect the freedom and people of the US, yet you do not want to head the warnings? "Lets give Saddam another chance" you say! Well if you trust his word so much, then why don't you take a trip to Iraq! Hell, become an Iraqi citizen if you are so discusted with the US actions, and have such sympathy for Saddam (who tortures and kills his own family and anyone who disagrees with him). In most cases, I really feel that the those in the US who oppose the war, only oppose it because it came from a Republican party. Had it been a democrat in US office, most of those opposers would be supporters.

We don't want Iraq to be like us in the United States.... we only want them to be free from a sadistic ruler. As a free country, they can keep there beliefs, religons, practices, rituals, etc. But they can also live without fear, and have a say in what their own country does.

I used to be in the military, and my husband still serves. I have such respect for the President of the US for using the military for what it is meant for, the fight to protect our freedom and our citizens. Our US soldiers are not stupid or naive. Many of them have college degrees (my husband has two), they are not only following orders, they know why they are doing what they are doing.... they know what they are doing is right.

In conclusion, this is my opinion. Thankfully, a part of that freedom we protect serves the purpose of allowing all US citizens to express their opinions. Even though I get sad and sometimes angry when I hear opposing opinions, I am thankful to hear them... Because it means that our freedom still lives. I gladly (and sometimes frustratingly) listen to all opposing opinions, even though I strongly disagree. Like I said, it represents a part of our freedom, which many countries do not have.
Let's be honest, most of those who oppose the war, will likely never change their opinion, and most who support it, will always support it. In the end, we SHOULD just listen to each other, shake hands, and do what we feel is right. Be it protesting, or boycotting. In the end, we are still free, even though we often disagree.

What I do not tolerate is disrespect for the military or the United States in general. Burning the flag of the United States makes me literally sick! It is that flag which will allow you to vote your opinion if you do not like the current leadership. Hold it up and speak, shout, or even cry your opinion.... but don't burn the symbol that allows you to do these things! On military bases, at 5 pm every night, the US National Anthem play loud over the base speakers. Every car stops, every person pauses, every military member salutes, completely still until the last note has been played. And every day that I hear it, I make it a point to pray for our civilians, and our military. It really is a sight to see if you have never seen it before. The entire base frozen, out of respect. These are not people just following orders. These are people who do what they know is needed to keep our country safe. THAT is why we are so strong, and free.
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