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Default Re: Thanks to the Brits.

I am English and like most of my fellow countryfolks I am very much in favour of this war,Saddam Hussein has to be stopped once and for all.We know that if the present regime in Iraq is allowed to continue ,in future it will be our children and grandchildren who are going to be placed on the frontline and that is not the legacy we want to leave for them.
I did not vote Tony Blair into power but I support him all the way,President Bush might not have the eloquence of some but he has had the courage to stand by what he knows is right.It may appear that the anti-war lobby in the U.K. is stronger than the war supporters,that is because they are making more noise than the rest of us,we prefer to get on with our lives as normal .

God Bless the armed forces fighting to not only free the Iraqis from the horror of the Hussein regime,but fighting for the rights of you and I and all mankind to live our lives in peace.
We Brits, love our American cousins and I for one cannot wait until the day dawns when we leave the European Union and become your newest State!!.

Best wishes
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