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Default Re: Thanks to the Brits.

I personally could care less about Iraq and who may or may not be in charge of the place. What I care about is some lunatic anywhere, not just in Iraq, getting nuclear, biological or chemical weapons and dispersing them to other lunatics who would use them on the U.S. in the blink of an eye.

Are there people out there who believe it would never happen? Yes. Many of them have been in the streets "protesting ", believing all we have to do is to be nicer to people.
Look at history. Has there ever been a more generous, caring , giving people than Americans? No. Where were all the "protesters " after 9-11? Why weren't they in the streets "protesting " the deliberate, cold blooded murder of several thousand people, and not all of them Americans? Because it basically happened here, to us, and no one gave a damn.

Burying you head in the sand leaves another part exposed and as someone once said, appeasement only means you will be the last one to go.

I don't feel Iraq as a country was a direct threat to America.I do firmly believe they have aided terrorists, have ties with them and would have definitely armed them with whatever they could develope to use against us. How would it feel to see half of NYC, Miami, L.A. etc destroyed? How many would then be blaming the Government for NOT doing enough to stop it before it happened? Well, we are trying to stop it before it happens and look at what we get.

I would be very interested to know when all the dust settles just what all shows up in Iraq with " made if France " stamped on it ! It is so very obvious France has some little secrets and dealings that they don't want to come out. They have been so vehemently
opposed to anything against Iraq that if they themselves had a strong military they would probably have sent troops to aid Iraq.

I wish that the war had never started. I wish the terrorists had not attacked us on 9-11.
I wish that all people everywhere could walk in peace and dignity anywhere they choose to go. I know it could be so if everyone in the world felt that way.
But I am not so foolish as to believe that everyone does feel that way.

Bless the troops, be they British, Australian or American. May their draw be fast and their aim true. We need them.
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