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Default Re: Thanks to the Brits.

CP your opinions were so much on the mark. I thank you for expressing what I believe. I do not believe the polls that say only 19% support the war in Britain (Blair did win in Parliament) ... these polls usually are taken from a sampling of maybe 1,000 people. I'm disgusted by the protestors in the streets and the media coverage of them. The vast majority of American's support our President and our troops as well as the Brits and Aussies. It would be nice (but shocking) if the liberal media would cover the people who are backing the troops and our President. I'm disgusted by the French - they have been cowards for decades. Yes, the french have a connection with Iraq - and it's very good oil contracts. Yes, the french will always let someone else fight. I think when we've won this war it will be time to reassess all the monies we give/"loan" some of these cowardly countries.


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