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Now, now CP. . .

I said "I believe you are wrong." Certainly no sin in that. You believe I'm wrong. No sin in that either. Remember, we said "no yelling."

CruzNut. . .

I always get a good laugh out of people who don't believe polling data unless it's polling data that matches their own point of view. The usual slam is to challenge the sample size which is always quite small, but in this day and age--due to tremendous sophistication in sample selection--is quite accurate. The margins of error stated are correct, and lots of people (not just in politics) stake lots of money and credibility on the accuracy of these techniques. But if you still don't believe in sampling, I have a suggestion: Next time you go to the doctor for a blood test, tell him to take it all.

You are right about a couple things: most Americans do support the war (I believe those polls too). And the French do have an interest in Iraqui oil. So my question for you is, that being the case, why did they not support the war? They're endangering their place at the trough by their pacifism. Their economic self-interest would have been better served by joining in. Despite protestations that the oil will go to Iraqis, those who have been paying attention know that the US is already bidding contracts to our own firms for extraction and processing. And it's no coincidence that Mr. Cheney still receives a one-million-dollar-a-year stipend from Halliburton to this day. The French could easily be shut out of the windfall.

Ron. . .

To the best of my recollection, we protested 9/11 with a vicious attack on Afghanistan's terror infrastructure, which was more or less successful, and which had the near 100% support of the American people, including me. That protest continues, we are told, with continuing efforts to root out terrorism and protect our nation. This task has sometimes been carried out with Keystone Kops efficiency, nevertheless it too is supported in principle by virtually everyone. In other words, Ron, protests didn't happen after 9/11 because virtually nobody was against the war in Afghanistan, and virtually everybody was united in grief at what had happened. Bottom line: there was nothing for civilians to protest about.

Kinda makes sense when you think about it, doesn't it?
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