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Default Re: Thanks to the Brits.

Who was yelling? Still trying to figure that out AP.

My perception of what you are saying is this... We did not protest the war in Afghanistan because we were attacked, and thousands of people lost their lives, and tens of thousands more lost friends and loved ones. Therefore, we should wait until Saddam uses the chem and bio WMD that we KNOW he has to kill thousands of people before we do anything? If someone points a gun at my head, I am not going to wait until he pulls the trigger before I fire at him. I am going to kill him before he kills me or others.
What is so hard to understand about that?

If you really truley believe that Saddam has or had no plans to attack or help attack Americans with his WMD, call me.... because I have a really nice piece of desert on the Euphrates river to sell you.

Also, I said it once and I will say it again.... I am not "wrong" in my opinions, just as you are not wrong in yours. To say an opinion is wrong, is like saying that Saddam is a humanitarian. An opinion is always true to the individual who holds it.

As for the poll arguement... Some polls are acurate, some are not. It depends on who is conducting it. To compare it to the withdrawl of blood for medical testing is ridiculous. Bloods' seperate characteristics are only evident when seperateing the contents with a machine that is made to do so. You will not get a different HIV result, for example, by taking blood from the foot instead of the arm. However, if you pick one person from Florida, and then another from Utah, the opinions will be different. To make this analogy is silly in my opinion (opinion being the key word here).
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