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Default Re: POLL- Do U remember your BEST WAIST STAFF?

Hands down it has been Ronny Linden of Carnival Cruise line. He has been our "assigned" waiter only on one cruise, the Celebration in May of 2000. Then when we sailed Victory in August of 2000 he seen us walking across the dining room when we first boarded and he came running up to us to say hello...he seen us, we didn't see him. What a surprise we got when we were on our Hawaii cruise this past October and he was aboard the Spirit. He was not our assigned waiter but all breakfasts of this 12 day cruise were open seating (and some of the lunches) and we eat in his section every time. On our Spirit cruise 3 weeks ago unfortunately he was onboard but he was dead-heading back to Costa Rico for his 3 month leave. We had a wonderful waiter named Samuel. We asked Samuel to let Ronny know the Zlaters said Hi. The next day at open seating lunch, we were tucked away at a corner thing I know I am getting a hug from was Ronny, he came up from the crew's quarters to find us and say hello!

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