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Default Re: MARCO POLO

First, I am envious. She is a sweet ship. We'd go back on her in a heartbeat.

We loved Marco Polo on our cruise from NZ to Australia. The casino was VERY kind to me (a rarity).

You can check out the story at

My memory is that the casino used US dollars, but I'm fairly certain that the cashier's cage will be happy to do the exchange for you. For, probably, a small fee. I wouldn't go to the trouble of getting US $$ from your local banque. They also charge a fee

Queeg tells me that he took a dinner jacket along, but most of the evenings were polo shirts with a blue blazer or a button-down with tie. (Can't get that guy out of his blazer. I think it's screwed into his back. Preppies !!!)

Very few sparkles and spangles on the ladies, if that matters.

Anything else I can answer, just screech.
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