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I live in Toronto. I am cruising in three weeks time. It was announced today that the health officials believe they have the SARS outbreak under control. I know this has been extemely serious and there have been some deaths in Toronto (13) but we have a city
of over two million people. Our mayor Mel Lastman is trying to get the World health Organization to over turn its warning. The city is functioning very well and life is moving on. Precautions are being taken for prevention of further outbreaks. the only other place in Canada where there has been one case is on the west coast in Vancouver British Columbia.
Take your cruise and enjoy it. Montreal is a wonderful city. I left from there last fall on a cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines. it was great.
My only hope is that the cruise line that I am booked on next month, Cunard. does not follow suite with Crystal cruise Lines and ban Torontonians from boarding.
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